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A Team
Messaging Script

People don't care how you much you know. They care about how much you care. Care = Help them solve their problems with clear answers and actions.


Remember you are NOT there just to sell a new client.


You are there to make a new friend and discover how we can best help them!

In order to help them, you must acquire the necessary information. Your goal is to ask questions, listen, and be genuinely interested.

Our goal is to learn their "struggle" and then provide them with a clear solution.

Question #1: Ask a question to spark dialogue/engagement. Be sincere. 

Hi John. Great to connect with you. (Connect with something recent on their profile such as...) I noticed (________) on your profile. Is relationship coaching/counseling your primary business?


Question #2: Thank them for connecting and move questions forward (do not pitch)

Appreciate you connecting John. So who is your ideal, perfect client?


Question #3:  Start moving to booking a time to talk (note: they will or have looked at your profile by now)

Great, sounds like you really know your clients. Is 
most of your business from referrals?


Question #4:

Awesome, sounds like I may be able to help you get more clients and help you with your current clients. Let’s jump on a call, you can pick a time here:


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