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A Team Sales Script 

Our goal is to make a new friend and discover how we can best help our clients.

In order to help them, you must acquire the necessary information. Your goal is to ask questions, listen, and be genuinely interested.

Our goal is to learn their "struggle" and then provide them with a clear solution.

Our Sales Interview is a 5 Step Process

Step 1: Messaging and Establishing the Relationship

Step 2: Introduction, Connection, and Collection of Information (60 Min Call)


1. Introduction: Name/Business Name

2. Connect: About something they are wearing, something in the room, or something on their profile. Find some type of connecting point and camp there 1-2 minutes.

3. Brief Overview: How long have you been in business and give me a brief overview about your business?

4. One Area of Help: What is the one area you feel you could use the most help in your business right now?


5. Overcome and Increase Revenue:  If I could show you how to overcome this obstacle and substantially increase your revenue with one simple relationship tool, would you be interested in learning more?


Step 3: Explain The 55 Keys to Love

6. The 55 Keys to Love: Take them to Section #1 and explain The 55 Keys to Love in Detail

7. Improve Client's Relationships: Do you see how The 55 Keys to Love will improve your clients communication as well as their emotional and sexual intimacy?

8. Income: Would you be interested in learning what kind of income 'The 55 Keys to Love' could generate for you and your business? (Yes)

Step 4: The A Team Sign Up - 4 Levels

9. A Team Sign Up Page: Go to the A Team Sign Up Page and Explain in Detail 

10. Sales Question: Are you ready to invest into yourself and into your business to increase your revenue all while helping your client's relationships grow?

11. Yes:  If yes, jump down to Step #5 Onboarding

12. Objection? Clarify the objection by asking, "Is it the 55 Keys, me, or the financial investment?"

13. 55 Keys: If they say, "It's the 55 Keys," ask, "What is it about the tool that you don't understand?" Resolve concern and close the sale.

14. Financial Investment: If they say it's the investment, ask, "What is it about the financial investment that is causing you hesitation?" Clarify and overcome objection. (Offer options such as payments.)

You might also say:


"Obviously, you realize how The 55 Keys to Love could improve your clients relationships. You also realize that joining as an 'A Team Coach' will help your business increase in sales, what can I do to help your business grow today?

Step 5: Onboarding - 5 Phases

Phase 1: Collect Payment, Agreement, Personal Information, Schedule The 55 Keys to Love


15. Yes: Send them a "Welcome Email." The welcome email explains the onboarding process.


16. Stripe Invoice: Send them a Stripe Invoice Immediately for full amount or amount discussed.

16. Agreement: Send the agreement for signing.

17. Collect Personal Information: Send them the "Background Information Form"

18. Coach Calendar Link: Send the Calendar Link to Schedule Week #1 - The 55 Keys to Love.

Phase 2: A Team Coach Training

4 Weeks of A Team Training with Kevin and/or David. 

Week #1: How to Refer Clients to The 55 Keys to Love

Week #2: Weekly Questions and Discussions

Week #3: Helping Your Clients Choose Their Top 5

Week #4: Helping Your Clients Apply Their New Information

Phase 3: Shadowing: One of our coaches shadows you with your first client. We join the first few weeks of your coaching sessions. After the session has concluded, we will have a 15 minute discussion on tips to improve. After the shadowing sessions have concluded, we send you an official, Keys to Love Coaching A Team Certification. 

Phase 4: Live Zoom Trainings: Join the once a month live trainings to improve your skills as a Keys to Love A Team Coach.


Phase 5: Grow: Grow your business applying The 55 Keys to Love to your client's relationships.



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