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Affiliate Teams Members: 3 Types


Affiliate Referrals: You simply refer people to our website and you earn a 10% commision for every referral. $35.80 

Affiliate Coaches:  We train you how to coach your clients using 'Love is Like a Diamond.'  You refer them to the site, and we email your clients answers to both you and them. You provide both the pre and post coaching sessions. You earn 35% since your are providing the coaching. $125.30

Networking Coach: You can coach your own clients using 'Love is Like a Diamond.' You earn $125.30 for every client. You can bring us other Affiliate Coaches that we sign up and train.  You earn 35% of the initial sign up fee which amounts to $545.30. Plus for every client they bring to us you earn a 5% lifetime residual income.  $17.90

Become a Diamond Status Affiliate Team Member


Join Our Team

Business Info

Professional Degrees and Training

Thanks for applying!

$5 Do you have any professional life coach training?
#6 If yes, when were you certified and by whom?
Why would you like to be an affiliate coach?
How many clients do you currently see weekly, monthly?
List 2 client referral sources. (Please obtain their permission.)
List 2 personal referral sources.
Social Media?

Which Affiliate Partnership are you interested in?
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