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The 55 Keys
Sales Scripit

Remember to always 'mirror' thier answers. Connect with them on their answer then lead them back on track with the script.


1. Introduction: Names?

Ice Breaker: About something they are wearing, something in the room, find some type of connecting point and camp there 1-2 minutes.

2. Where do two live?

3. How long have you been together? Married?

4. (If they are married) Where did you two get married? 

5. Was it a big occasion with family and guests?

6. I bet that was a big investment!?

7. Have you two ever invested in couples therapy, counseling, a marriage retreat, seminar, or anything like this?

8. How did you discover our website and Love is Like a Diamond?

9. Go to hompage:

Scroll to  bottom of this page with the offer and benefits. 

Review the all the benefits.

10. Sales Question: Are you two ready to invest in a better relationship?

11. If yes, begin sign up process.

12. If hesitation, ask, "What questions can I answer for you about Love is Like a Diamond?"

13. Does this help? Are you ready to invest into a better relationship?

14. If hesitation, ask, "Is it the tool, me, or the financial investment?"

15. If they say, "Tool" ask, "What is it about the tool that you don't understand?"

16. If they say it's the investment, ask, what is it about the investment that keeping you from signing up today?

17. Obviously, you realize just how important this exercise is for your relationship, what can I do that will help you to sign up today?


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