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Invest Into Your
Relationship and Business

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Most couples, when they get married, spend a small fortune on their wedding rings and on their wedding day. Often times wedding rings can cost thousands, and it is not unusual to spend 5, 10, 20k or more on their wedding day to make it memorable.Then what? When is the next time couples invest into their relationship?


Most of us went to high school and college for an education. Many of us payed $25 to $100k or more to get our degree. We are willing to pay huge sums of money for specialized training and seminars. We buy books, courses and mentoring programs to help us scale our careers and businesses, but some people never spend another dime on growing their relationship. This is a tragic trend that I aim to fix. 


Think about this. There are three ways you can spend or invest money on your relationship:


         1. You Can Spend Money to Repair It


This is why couples go to marriage counseling and pay for therapists. The relationship is broken and you are trying to fix it.


         2. You Can Spend Money to Eliminate It


This is called divorce. At this point a relationship feels so irreconcilable that the only solution feels like separation. This typically costs both parties tens, to potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.


         3. You Can Invest Money to Maintain and Grow It


This is the approach that I suggest to couples and why I have created the relationship tool, 'The 55 Keys to Love.'


It stands to reason that if we want healthier and stronger relationships that we need to invest more time, energy, and money into our relationships. Investing into your wedding day is important, but investing into maintaining the life, health, and happiness of your marriage is even more more important. It is one day vs. a lifetime.


If you would like to learn more about 'The 55 Keys to Love' and how it can redefine your communication and strengthen your relationship for years to come, schedule a free call with David here.




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