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This Revelation Came the First Night I Came Back to the Water from Nashville

5/28 Playlist Title Changed To: 

God Will Provide


Access CEOs Etc



1. CEO/Etc. Who should I contact regarding CEC's/Employee Training?

2. Introductory Video

3. Sign Up for 5 Keys to Relationship Success

4. $100 per person

100 employees = $10,000 sale


6. Value/Transformation

7. Sign Up for the 55 Keys


Me: Intro Video

Purpose of this video is to introduce us to them and ultimately 

answers the question/ 

"Why should we should hire you?"


Video Theme:


"Happy Wife/Happy Life"

Home Success = Business Success


Statitics of how home life happiness impacts longterm employee performance and ultimately success.


Knowledge is power.

Unnapplied knowledge = Delusion

Bc we think we are what we know

Applied Knowledge = Transformation 


Online/or/Live Training for Employees


$100 per person



The 5 Keys to Relationship Success


1. Communication

2. Emotional IQ

3. Sexual Intimacy 

4. The Give/Get Revolution 

5. Handling Money


Funnel Works Like This:



Other Leaders


5 Keys Training 

(Video or Live Training)

55 Keys to Love (1:1 Coaching)


LinkedIn Script:


Good Morning (Marc),


Does your company offer Continuing Education Courses for your employees to improve morale and ultimately work performance?


If yes, who should I speak with about the value that our company can provide for your business?


Bringing Our Best,




Marc: Pay = 25% of gross sales until our income stabilizes.


As sales and business grow, gradually taper back to 10%.

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