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My Top Four 2021 Life Transitions

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

2021 was a year of lessons and transitions for me both personally and professionally. As we are about to enter 2022, I was challenged to reflect upon my top four life transitions of 2021. In order to explain these four transitions, let me briefly describe my 2021.

4. Liquid Paradise

I began the year running my boat rental and restoration business named Liquid Paradise. I restored and flipped approximately 8 boats of all shapes and sizes. I built a 24’ pontoon from scratch, flipped an 18’ Bayliner, and restored and flipped a 27’ Rinker Fiesta Vee just to name a few. I also did a complete restoration of a 50’ Gibson houseboat in less than a year along with these other boats.

In October I sold the 50’ Gibson for a sizeable profit and in November I purchased a 14’x70’ Summerset Houseboat and moved to Paris, TN to launch a new business and restore the boat. I am renaming this boat, “The Lighthouse.”

3. Love is Like a Diamond

In September I was given a ‘download from heaven.’ I was sitting on my 50’ Gibson boat, and I began asking myself a significant question: “What qualities make a person feel most loved in a relationship?”

As I pondered the answer to this question, I began searching google for similar questions and discovered many different answers. Eventually I concluded that there is no one right answer. (I describe this story in full on my homepage on my website:

I began to understand that what you think is important in a relationship, and what I think is important could be two very different things. So, I began to create ‘Love is Like a Diamond’ - the most effective relationship tool in the world. Essentially it is a list of 58 qualities along with definitions that describes love and what most people want in a relationship.

As I began developing this tool, God opened doors and windows to new opportunities. I shared my new tool with a couple buddies who had been married for over 30 years. In both cases, they and their spouses had powerful new insights about themselves and their wives.

One of my buddies is currently 4 weeks into his 58-day relationship transformation with his wife. Every week that he and I meet, he raves about how the tool is positively transforming his relationship with his wife.

2. Diamond Mastery Coaching International

In 2015 I received my life coaching certification from Life Coaching Institute of America. At this time, I began feeling an urge to return to my former educational roots of Biblical studies, psychology, and relationships which were my profession in my 20’s. Uncertain in 2015 about how to make a transition back to a career in 'relationships' and relationship coaching, I stumbled around looking for open opportunities.

In September of 2021, when I began creating ‘Love is Like a Diamond,’ I knew the time was now! This is when I also began the creation of Diamond Mastery Coaching International. I began developing the tool and the website, along with systems and processes to help as many couples as possible.

As part of our Diamond Mastery Coaching Program, I also empower relationship experts like coaches, marriage counselors, and therapists to maximize their businesses using our Diamond Mastery System. We give them the tools and the training to maximize their existing business. As you can see, both this year, and the past four months have truly been a wild roller coaster ride.

1. Millionaire Consulting – Bastiaan Slot

On November 3rd, life took yet another interesting turn. I had recently discovered Bastiaan Slot on instagram and began reading his content. It was this day that Bastiaan reached out to me on instagram and introduced himself. Since I had already been reading his content regularly, I knew who he was and was open to his friendly approach. We began passing IG messages back and forth as I learned more about him and his team. Before November could slip into history, I signed up for his consulting course and began the 90 day step-by-step process.

Having been in the course for less than 30 days now I can honestly say that the money I spent on this course was better than all the money I spent on college. I say this because their consulting system for coaches is by far the best program I have ever experienced. He and his team genuinely care about my success and the success of all his clients. They do everything to empower your success including: guidance, training, coaching, accountability, and zoom calls.

Recap and Vision for 2022

It's been a wild year. In a gigantic leap of faith, I have transitioned from building and restoring boats to building businesses and restoring relationships. I have spent the last four months developing ‘Love is Like a Diamond,’ our Diamond Mastery Coaching website, and our Diamond Mastery System for relationships experts.

Currently, I am in business scaling training with Bastiaan and his team. My vision and hope for 2022 are enormous. I hope to empower at least 35+ relationship experts to maximize their businesses while inspiring positive communication and a deeper connection between hundreds of couples to transform their relationships.

It's basically a fancy way of saying, “Let’s grow our businesses and fall deeply in love again, and again, and again.”

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David River

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