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David River
Ceo and Head Coach

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Our Story

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Love is such a powerful force. It is there for everyone to embrace-that kind of unconditional love for all of humankind. That is the kind of love that compels people to go into the community and try to change conditions (for the better) for others, to take risks they believe in. 

~ Coretta Scott King

Love is truly the most powerful force. In 2015 love compelled me to take a bold risk. I felt destined to transition from my previous businesses in order to launch a coaching business: specifically a coaching business that focused on love and relationships.

It was at this time that I received my life coaching certification from Life Coaching Institute of America, and eventually founded Keys to Love Coaching.


Honestly, the process from conception to launch took me a total of seven years. The name and vision of the coaching business took on several revisions before finally arriving at the perfect name, direction, and vision.

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Keys to Love Coaching

Clarity began to arrive in September of 2021 as I was sitting on a boat asking myself, "What qualities do people want most in relationships?" The answer took me on a surprising journey and led me to create the relationship exercise, 'The 55 Keys to Love.' (Entire story can be read on my homepage).

In the beginning I shared The 55 Keys to Love with two close male friends, and they realized two things:


#1 ~ The relationship tool helped them discover new things about themselves and their mate that they hadn't discovered in 30+ years of marriage. We all found that profound.


#2 ~ They also realized the potential of the new relationship tool to change tens of thousands of relationships for the better.


And so began our journey and what we hope becomes 'The 55 Keys to Love Worldwide Revolution'.

Join us on an 8 week journey to discover better communication and greater emotional and sexual intimacy with your mate. Discover 'The 55 Keys to Love' and your 'Top 5 Love Keys.'


Our Team

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Hi, I would be honored to spend time with you and your partner as we identify your 'Top 5 Keys to Love.' I have been married for 30 years and I have spent decades in leadership roles working with people to maximize their businesses and relationships.


After spending countless hours listening to, loving upon, and helping people understand both themselves and their mate, I believe we have created the world's best relationship tool to enhance couples and strengthen relationships.


Investing time in the Keys to Love Coaching process will not only strengthen your personal relationships, but also the way you relate to others in your workplace, and in your overall world of influence.  I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Kevin Dobbs
Lead Relationship Coach

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Our Mission

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COUPLES: Inspiring compelling communication to achieve greater emotional and sexual intimacy between couples in order to revolutionize their relationships.

COACHES: Equipping relationship experts (coaches, counselors, etc.) to grow their business by applying The 55 Keys to Love relationship exercise to revolutionize their client's relationships.

Our Vision

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COUPLES: We will create and provide the most effective relationship tools for couples that lead them to greater love.

COACHES: We will create and provide the most effective business tools and systems for relationship experts to help inspire greater love.

Grow the World's Most Compelling Relationship Coaching Company

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